Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the interest of political correctness....

The swine flu will now be known as "H1N1 influenza A".

You know why, right?

Because the pork industry is having fits over people being afraid to eat pork.

Also in the interest of political correctness, "This Little Piggie Went To Market" will now end, "...and this little piggie cried, 'Wee we--OMG! I've contracted the swine flu! I should have never gone to that damn market without my mask!' all the way home."


The Future Was Yesterday said...

LOL!! You are on, what I believe is called in polite circles, "a roll." Keep it up!!

BRUNO said...

MY solution?


What? You didn't know the pepperoni on that pizza is usually made of goat-meat?

A LOT of folks 'round heah raise goats commercially, for both meat AND milk, not to mention cheese!

As for ME? Ma-a-a-aybe. But only if it's ba-a-a-arbecued.....