Tuesday, April 28, 2009

doctor, doctor, mr. md, can you tell me, what's ailin' me?

I am SO GRATEFUL for the ninety plus news stories that are running daily on Swine Flu Terror 2009. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't know that the best way to protect myself is to wash my hands and stay home when sick.

I appreciate it when they preface the stories with "we dont want to scare anyone BUUUUT". Almost makes me think they mean it.

And I haven't heard it, but I can almost guarantee that somewhere some religious nutjob is telling everyone this swine flu is a plague from God. My guess is Pat Robertson is sounding something like this: "God spoke to me last night and He told me that millions of people were going to die. He didn't tell me how or why or when or where, but I know this swine flu is a plague from God for all the horrible things we've done. Or because of those horrible gays trying to get married and be happy."

Ya know every time someone tells me some horrible thing has happened because people are gay, I always ask this one question, and I've never gotten an answer: "If God sends illness upon people whose life styles He doesn't agree with, why wasn't Hilter struck down with some hideous disease?"

BTW, to show how very cynical I've become of the medical industry--and that's what it is--the minute I heard about this "pandemic" I said to Mr. G, "This is probably just an excuse to sell all that Tamiflu vaccine that they were trying to pimp during the bird flu that never materialized." Because oddly enough, even though they know NOTHING about this flu, news outlets are already saying the Tamiflu vaccine will work against it.

Oh, and it's almost comical how people are wearing those stupid paper masks. I'd love to know how people think that's going to stop them from getting the flu when IT'S NOT AIRTIGHT.
Case in point: ever see a scientist wearing one of those around dangerous chemicals? Uh uh. Remember during Y2K when they told us to duct tape our windows with plastic to keep out the radiation or whatever horrible chemicals were going to assail us? Equally idiotic.

But apparently I'm not the only cynic. Dr. Mercola has an interesting outlook on the entire thing....


BRUNO said...

And it's even MORE comical to see them wearing the damned things around their NECKS, like a freakin' fashion-statement of some sort...!!!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

""If God sends illness upon people whose life styles He doesn't agree with, why wasn't Hilter struck down with some hideous disease?""Because God, being the intolerant piece of mythical shit he is, was in complete agreement with the idea of one pure race that all thought alike.

They exist now. They call themselves "Christians."