Friday, April 10, 2009

and the stars shone brightly overhead

Well, if this ain't the pot calling the kettle 'black'.....

This is the difference between real life and celebrity life: when a "real" person chubs up and loses weight, it's a chore. When a celeb chubs up and loses weight, it's a big book deal.

"18-year-old Taylor Ann Hasselhoff and 16-year-old Hayley Amber Hasselhoff are planning, much like their part-time-pop-star dad David Hasselhoff, to take Germany and hopefully the rest of the music world by storm as a new recording duo." At first I thought, "Gee, I hope they have talent," then I realized their dad never let a little thing like "NO talent" stand in his way....

What's next? We change the title of the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" to "Who Let the Spayed & Neutered, Licensed Dogs Out?"

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