Friday, March 13, 2009

well, well, well

We had to have the holding chamber of our pump grinder replaced. If you've never seen one, they look like this....

It holds about 60 gallons of water and this is the first time it's been replaced since the sewer system was installed. (On a HIDEOUS side note, the guy who replaced it told us that apparently it had been running on HALF power for quite awhile. Yes, judging by the $100 electric bill we received yesterday, I'd say he was right. And right here is where I'd like to f*ck the installer right up the ba-hind for telling us that it only uses "pennies a month" in electricity. You can never really dispute those claims now can you?)

Anywho, we asked him if the neighbor ever had to have theirs replaced because we had them installed at the same time. The guy said, "Oh, yeah, theirs was replaced two or three years after we put it in because it had been tampered with."

I do remember them messing with it. You're not allowed to break the seal on it, otherwise it's not covered by the company warranty. So, of course, the first thing the neighbor did was break the seal and offer to break ours. We still have the tag on our mattress, so really, what's the likelihood we're going to yell, "Sure! Bring those wire cutters right on over!"?

The sewer replacement dude then goes on to say, "The reason I remember it being changed is because we when were there, we accidentally dropped one of the screws down into the chamber. Your neighbor was going to hold his little boy by his feet and lower him down to get the screw we dropped."

Now I know what you're thinking, "Why, Goddess, that sounds like one of YOUR hare-brained ideas."

Indeed it does, but none of my offspring are that skinny. Besides, with my luck, they'd slide right out of my hands and get sucked into the sewer system, and you just KNOW someone would find a way to blame that on me.

I immediately turned to Mr. G and said, "You might be a redneck IF you've ever used your kid as a giant pair of tweezers."

"You might be a redneck IF you've tried to drop your kid in a well before he had a chance to fall in on his own."


BRUNO said...

At 2-hp, for a "turd-grinder", I'll assume it's also a 220-volt system. And since you stated it'd been operating at HALF-power for quite a while---you may actually see a DECREASE in your electric use, since a half-burnt-out 220-system would literally use DOUBLE the amperage when trying to run "normally"!

Although I must agree, that 60-gallons of water used to make that "turd-soup" is a bitch, indeed...!

*Goddess* said...

Well SHIT (haha pun intended) then what in the world would have caused a $30 jump in one month?! I assumed because he was saying it was running all the time, it would be higher....

BRUNO said...

Well, CRAP! That could account for a "pennies-per-month" increase, DUH!!!

Lay off the in-shell peanuts, and the Snickers bars---give the pump a fightin' chance, already.....!!!LOL!!!

*Goddess* said...

Well POO, guess I have to go in my pants more often.

And "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for not saying, "lay off the corn..." ewwwww!