Monday, March 02, 2009

paging Doctor Ben Dover! paging Doctor Ben Dover!


Just lovely.

As if things in this world aren't bad enough, now we find out it's not even safe to shove stuff up your butt and go to the hospital.


BRUNO said...

Yeah, what would we do without all the snitches in the world today, lookin' for their 15-minutes in the limelight? Or, maybe suckin'-up to the hospital staff?? But then again---who'd WANT to keep a "reminder" of such a "condition"?(GAG-out-loud!)

I suppose the "Turn your head and cough!" routine didn't work, huh?

Gonna need to start puttin' "Emergency-Recovery Cables" on 'em, so as to meet stringent Government safety standards...!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It takes a special kind to sit and view cell phone pictures of X-rays.

One patient with a hair (or more) up their ass.

One or more nurses that think that hair (or more) is so exciting the world needs to see it.

??? or more hundreds/thousands/millions looking at said hair (or more.)

The chain of sick people was unbroken except for the tight ass snitch...(:

BRUNO said...

FUTURE has a point, here. Hmm. Maybe we need MORE snitches lookin' out for their own "future-employment".

Don't say "Well, it doesn't happen in MY hospital!" Or nursing home. Or doctors office, for that matter. As a veteran of many different hospital stays, and "ump-teen" numbers of assorted doctors offices, I can honestly swear:They ALL have their dirty-little patient discussions.

But, eventually---what goes around, comes around. Even for professional nurses AND doctors, who've forgotten what their title REALLY stands for....