Friday, March 06, 2009

bluer than blue


I keep reading that personal caregivers are in great demand and it's easy to see why. ALL of my jobs over the last ten plus years have been in one house at a time making up all of the hours I need, and most of the jobs were 40+ hours. A couple of the shorter jobs were 25-30 hours, but the majority have been full time in one place.

My husband has been bugging the piss out of me to contact the owner of this one care agency that I applied with and tell her for the nine millionth time that I'm available. Well, she finally called today and said she had some part time hours for me. The job that I've been working in the meantime on my own is only four hours a day, split into two shifts. That's 28 miles a day for four hours of work, seven days a week. (Sat and Sun only consist of one two hour shift.) The lady said she had 18 hours and it would be four shifts of three hours and one shift of six hours. I thought, "Great. Between the two jobs, I'll have 40 hours and I'll only have to drop a two hour shift with the first job." The hours meshed perfectly.

Now keep in mind that this woman's father has been telling us for weeks that she's DESPERATE for employees. She tells me that we'll get together tonight with the OTHER woman who is working there to 'divide up the hours'. I'm like, "Divide up the EIGHTEEN hours? I'd only be getting like nine hours?" This lady already HAS hours and the owner tells me that she knows she won't be able to do all of her hours plus these, and yet, she's still giving them to her. This may be a clue as to why she's always desperate for employees. Here I am, a brand new person, more than willing and able to do the full 18 hours and this is the crap I'm offered.

She then tells me about another forty hour [over seven days] job that I might be interested in. It would be FOUR shifts a day--one for a whole hour--PLUS I'd be expected to take the person to and from their drs. appointments in MY OWN CAR.

Now I don't even know how this is legal, but I know a lot of agencies in the area are doing this, and I'd LOVE to know who to report them to because this is precisely why we have medical transport. They are insured to take people to and from appointments. I am not. Nor do I intend to be held liable should something happen. Just think about how the agencies make out on this: they hire me at $8 to take this lady to her drs appointment. It's MY gas and MY mileage and they state pays them like $20+ an hour. Transport is usually $15 a trip. They're ahead $12 on just one appointment.

She dropped another bomb on me when she told me that the lady I'm working for now definitely qualifies for in-home care from the state because of medical reasons, which means I'm more than likely going to lose the FIRST job because I saw the papers from the AAA on her table. They were obviously there to do an intake evaulation. I'm just depressed over the whole thing because they're only offering $8, but I'm using twice as much gas as I did at the last job where the pay was shittier.

Yeah, they're just DYING for employees. How about making it worth our while to actually stay in this field, because in the long run, we're actually losing money.

You know the funny part? Before I even take my first job with this agency, my husband is saying, "Forget them. There's another agency in the paper. Apply there."

I just want to shove my foot in his not so happy place. Guh.


BRUNO said...

Yeah, I'm sure you'd LOVE to put your foot in the "once-happy-meal" slot of your hubby! But, before you cock your foot, let me---as another freakin'-assed MAN---leave with this little jewel of advice: The day he stops proddin' you, will be the day he's given-up on you BOTH. However, HE won't give-up, until YOU give-up on yourself. And I don't see THAT happening on "YOUR-shift", with the attitude you've shown in past writings.

So, put that foot down on the floor where it belongs, and enjoy the "prodding". Way-y-y too much wear-n'-tear when ya' stand on ONE leg too long.....!

*Goddess* said...

I know you are right, O Swami Rama of Wisdom and Sonic! I just have to settle my ass down and know that things are working out just fine for me. It's changing to something new and my husband KNOWS that I get scared, but I met with everyone last night and I'm hoping--no!--I'm KNOWING that it's going to work out just fine:0)

Thanks for the reminder:)

BBC said...

My husband has been bugging the piss out of me to contact the owner of this one care agency that I applied with and tell her for the nine millionth time that I'm available.

I don't know a lot about all that other than what I have observed. And what I have observed is that those working for health care agency's are getting screwed with low wages while they take the good profits.

The few folks I know that make good wages at that work were lucky enough to find folks to care for that could afford care without a lot of paperwork.