Monday, February 02, 2009


Sad news, kids. I fell out of bed this morning and saw my “shadow”. [Doggone dog has GOT to stop sleeping on the floor beside my bed.] You know what this means? Six more weeks of winter…and a bruise the size of Cleveland. Happy Groundhog’s Day! BTW, after some of their predictions lately, I’m beginning to think the rodent is a more skilled prognosticator than the ‘educated’ weathermen.

This is how much I saw of Bruce Springsteen’s half time show: “I’m going to Disneyland!” And that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I liked itJ. My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Pedigree “Why not adopt a dog?” ad. It was hilarious.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, what a GREAT GAME, and how about that excellent play made by James Harrison at the end of the first half of the game? 100 yard return and the longest play in Super Bowl history. Wow. I was so worried they were going to take it away from him, though. And Holmes with the winning touchdown with seconds to spare?! Excellent game. It was a nail biter. Once again, the ETrade baby was my favorite commercial and the new "why not adopt a dog?" one from Pedigree.

I was watching the news yesterday and they were discussing the ice storm in Kentucky. One woman said, “I woke up the this morning and it was 47 degrees in my house!” WUSS! The other morning I woke up and it was 43 degrees in MY house. Welcome to MY WORLD, lady!

I took Mr. G out to eat for his birthday and we were seated beside this annoying couple who were obviously on their first date. I could tell by the way they kept staring at each other. I pointed it out to Mr. G and he said, “Do you think we were like that?” I said, “Yep. Remember the New Year’s Eve party, we pretty much spent the whole night staring at each other? We used to look deeply into each other’s eyes. Twenty nine years later, we look deeply into each other’s plates and say, ‘Hey, that looks good. Can I have a bite’?” Ahhh, true love.

I was watching a show on FOX Saturday night with Spike Ferensten--I think it was called “Talk Show”--and there was a very funny segment in which the host went out on the streets of Hollywood to make fun of the way people were dressed. There was one gay guy--please, who else but the gays wear heavy neck scarves with three quarter length leggings in hot weather? The whole mess ended with combat boots, and the host said, “Do you see much combat?” LOL! Spike Ferensten’s deadpan delivery was spot on. The same show also had a hilarious segment featuring an old lady on a Hoveround fighting crime. I never saw the show before, but it was a hoot.


BRUNO said...

I was hoping for a higher-scoring game by BOTH teams, myself, regardless of which won. But I'll admit, that 100-yd TD run was worth the watch! Don't know how long it really took him, but it seemed like full MINUTES to me---and obviously, to HIM, as well! "Just gimme the damned oxygen, already...!!!"

I thought I was the only one who ignored Springsteens' 12-minute squawk?! Gave me a chance to "use the facilities", so it WAS for a "humanitarian-cause", after all!

The Pedigree commercial? Not bad! But, the E-trade babies? Sorry, but I'm still lost from their "puking-baby" routine of last year.(No, I never was a baby---I was born an adult! When I threw-up on MY clothes, I'd crawl to the creek-bed behind the house, an' beat 'em clean with a rock...!)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Twenty nine years later, we look deeply into each other’s plates and say, ‘Hey, that looks good. Can I have a bite’?” "

It's called reality, Honey!:) Happy Birthday Mr. G!!

I haven't watched any halftime show since I can't remember when. It was well before Janet Jackson flopped a well worn boob, out, I know that.

The run back was great, and I thought that was all that was. Leading 17-7 in the middle of the fourth quarter, and it takes last minute heroics to win the game?

I thought it was Flag Day, there was so much cotton flying around on the field...(: It looked more like the second game of the preseason than the superbowl, imo.