Monday, February 16, 2009

WHY is the Universe dicking with me?!

I just got out my goal sheet for a new job that I wrote back in November '08.

I said that I wanted to move right into a new job without any lapse in pay, and I did.

I said that I wanted more money, and I got it.

I said I wanted it to be close to home, and it's just a stone's throw away from my last job.

I wanted to work for nice people, and they are.

What I did NOT do is factor in the way the Universe likes to dick with me. So while I got more money, I got less hours. Sigh.

You would think that after all these years of using this system I would know that I have to cover every angle because the Universe is soooooo tricky. Sigh.

Universe=1, Moi=zippo


Shrinky said...

Ah hon, have faith, karma is limping it's way round to you, it's just got a broken leg right now. With all effort you give, things are bound to turn up soon. It's shit when something totally our of your control comes along to kick you in the teeth, but you've been there before, you know you'll come through (hugs).

BBC said...

Goal sheet? Tried a few of them when I was younger, they are bullshit.

I learned to just flow through life and take things as they come at me.

Yeah, the universe is tricky, and it doesn't always favor you, it just gives you lessons, over and over again until you get them, or not.

Closer to home but less hours is not that bad of a deal, unless your world revolves around money, mine doesn't.

When I did get good money it went up in smoke anyway. I have a better life now on less than 12 grand a year than when I made much more.