Wednesday, February 11, 2009

take this job and (officially) shove it

Friday is my last day of work.

Ironically, it was seven years ago this week, I was hired. I thanked Boss #1 when I saw her today for hiring me and for giving me the opportunity to work. There were times it got to me, but I truly appreciated it every day that I had it.

I'm not even telling my mother I'm out of work because she will immediately make it her life's mission to find me a job. ANY job. "They're hiring at the Dairy Queen!" Really, Mom? That's great, because nothing says "success" like being in your 40's and working at the Dairy Queen.

Boss #1 tried her best to convince Boss #2 that she had to go into a home, but she wasn’t having it. She said, “Well, I asked *Moi* to come in three days a week for three hours, but she can’t do it. I don’t know what you’re going to do.”
And Boss #2 said, “That’s ok. Overtime Hawg will do it all for free.”

I was telling BrooklynGal, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that point. To know that I was so easily replaced and that she didn’t give a shit. But I had seen that same reaction when my one co-worker quit several weeks ago. She’s yet to mention missing her being gone, despite the fact that she worked there almost as long as I did.

I also didn’t know whether to laugh at the mess Overtime Hawg has gotten herself into by kissing ass. She’s going to work 40 some hours a week and get paid for 9? Gee, I doubt that very much, but Boss #1 had me go over the check book, so I know for sure she only has a CD for 5K and $400 in the bank. My last day should have been Thursday, but Overtime Hawg called and asked me to fill in for her and she would ‘work next Friday” for me. I said, sure, then I hung up and told the boss I wanted paid for it because I won’t BE here next week. One last turn of the screw:)

But how OH lies. She told everyone that her husband was laid off of work. *insert lots of crying here* Then her daughter called me and asked me if I would work for her mother because her dad had eye surgery and he has surgical pads over his eyes and “won't even be able to go back to work” till Monday.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Today's my last day" is becoming an entirely too familiar refrain.

It sounds as tho you worked with the biggest user group in the world, and they all used (or tries to) you. I wish I could say something to help you, but there's nothing short of a job offer gonna put hot taters on the table...(:

I do too have something that will help: blow Bush's head off!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. That's just sad. But Boss #2's reaction was to be expected given how coddled she is by OTH and life in general. She sounds stubborn and foolish, much to her own determent and to that of those around her. In short, she and OTH both feel the world revolves around them. Sad, pathetic women. Both of them.

Even though being unemployed sucks, I'm sure you'll find you're far better off walking away from that drama.

All the best for a quick job search!!!


*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Dan'l:)

Yeah, Stacey, she's always had someone to coddle her and make decisions for her. I can see why her family NEVER let her have control of the money. I'm positive the Universe will move me to a better place, where I can continue to earn my living as well as help people. Thanks.