Tuesday, February 03, 2009

stop oh yes, wait a minute, mr postman

Geez, no wonder the post office is going belly up. I ordered a book from Amazon last week. It left Kentucky five days ago. It took two days to get to Leetsdale, PA where it arrived at 3 am. That's a huge hour and a half from my post office. Supposedly, it arrived at my post office two days later, 3 a.m. this morning, and yet I got my mail today and guess what? Not there.

And the old TV shows continue....

Yesterday, we "tried" to watch "Love, American Style", which Mr. G and myself both remember as being really racy, packed with stars and ahead of it's time. We used to watch it every Friday night, and I would have been about ten when the show was on.
Oh, lordy, did it ever blow. It had one of those overused laugh tracks, and the stories were terrible. The one we did manage to sit through "starred" George Gobal. I don't EVER remember him as being sexy, and he wasn't in the ep we watched either. Then we tried to watch two more eps, but didn't even make it ten minutes into either one.

Tonight we watched "Petticoat Junction." Now we both think the humor still stands, but the singing and dancing in every episode makes it painful to watch. And if I hear one more time about how the men never had a meal like Kate's or that all a woman needs to do to make her man happy is to cook him a good meal, I'M GONNA SCREAM!!

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