Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok, somebody 'splain this one to me...

I'm standing in BiLo this morning and on every cash register stand is a sign that reads, "You will be carded for tobacco products if you look less than 35 years old."

I'm like, "WHAT?!" I asked the cashier if that was a mistake and she said no. I'm like, "You're allowed to buy cigarettes once you reach the age of twenty one. What right do you have to card people up to the age of 35?!"

She said, "They're getting really strict."

That's not strict, that's a stupid waste of time.


BBC said...

It does seem rather silly doesn't it?

Take me to the floor where the guys love sex and house work.....and just leave me there:)

Can't say that I love housework, but I do it and some of Helen's, after a fashion. Like vacuum (I actually like doing that), and knocking down her cobwebs and cleaning her windows and such.

Thankfully neither of us are into Martha Stewart shit and are okay with how we live.

*Goddess* said...

Im convinced that even Martha Stewart isn't into Martha Stewart "shit" and that's why she has peons doing all the work for her.