Sunday, February 15, 2009

no kidding

Someone gave me some of those cute little "metaphysical" Baby of Light tops for Female Offspring #8. One reads, "I am love. I am light."

After she wore that a few hours, I found a sticker slapped on her back that read, "I am on sale for $6.95." Ahh, the joys of siblings.

Last week when she was wearing the "joy is in my genes" shirt, they put a sign on her butt that read, "poop is in my jeans".


BBC said...

"I am love. I am light."

Hard to practice that on this planet.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

From the website....
"When we think positive and loving thoughts, the world reflects back those experiences to us."
whoever wrote those words never lived in or near a ghetto. It's one thing to be positive; quite another to be a pollyanna!!