Friday, February 06, 2009

mother may i

I was reading the story of the octuplet mom and she explained her reason for wanting so many kids by saying, among other things, "...I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I really lacked, I believe, growing up..." Ok, if you don't FIND this "connection" and "attachment" with the first child, what in the world makes you think you're going to find it with the next thirteen? More than likely this "connection" she's seeking is the same "connection" we all seek deep within us, that same longing we all have, which, unfortunately, that can't be filled by another person. But it would be great if it could.
I did find it rather contradictory of her to say "I'm providing for my own children" in one breath, then admit they're all living with her mother. That's hardly the same thing.
I would love to know how she paid for all those invitro sessions on disablity? They've bankrupted more than one working couple over one child, yet she's had several, all at the same clinic, so it's not like they didn't know she already HAD six kids. It's rather odd that she could even carry all those kids when she has serious enough back problems to be on disability.


BRUNO said...

Sounds like the only BACK problem she has is staying OFF of it...!!!

BRUNO said...

One-Hundred and Sixty-Five THOUSAND, over a period of SIX years---now THAT'S obscene!!!!!

Obviously, I must have been in the wrong line of work before I retired!

But I should have gotten pregnant many a time, with all the screwin's I got while working! But, for some reason---IT JUST DIDN'T HAPPEN, DAMMIT!!! National Enquirer would've paid damned good for THAT.......!!!

*Goddess* said...

Just the other day I told my husband I had a line on a good job...surrogate mother...LOL! Truthfully, I don't know which one of us would be more appalled if I came up preggers:) Ok, I do know...ME!

bugs said...

Someone, somewhere should (but probably won't) be held accountable for this. No woman gets pregnant on her own, but in this case, she had an doctor's office helping her. If she has disability, someone in THAT office should be held responsible, too; because the disability payments had to come from somewhere.

*Goddess* said...

I know it was the same clinic, but they made it sound as if it was the same doctor each time. I'm wondering how she's going to cover the over 1 mill hospital bill without accepting a penny of government money. AND return to school AND pay sitters? Puhleeze. Unless she's working for the mint printing her own money, I'd love to see how she intends to make ends meet. Maybe she could give me some tips on budgeting.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

......."this "connection" she's seeking is the same "connection" we all seek deep within us, that same longing we all have, which, unfortunately, that can't be filled by another person."

I'll just say I disagree with you, and leave it there.

I think somewhere down the line on this case, it's going to emerge that she is a Jesus Freak. The behavior, the lies, are boilerplate JF.

*Goddess* said...

I appreciate that, Dan'l, I know we disagree on that subject:)

Anonymous said...

My clever tongue in cheek comment from the other day isn't here. Weird. I have Blogger and the comment sections on them. Blech. And that's why I prefer to host and code my own sites.

So, yeah, Octopussy (as she's affectionly known online) is just plain fucksword in the head. There is no two ways about it. And she's very manipulative and shrewd. Look at her body language in the interview! She's spinning her shit from her asshole on the fly. I'm sure some of it she really does believe, and that's the frightening part.

The connection she longs for in her narcasitic mind is that with Angelina Jolie. Dollars to doughnuts she had her nose and lips done with that disability money between pregnancies. She has a Mother Theresa complex going on. And we all know how Mother Theresa loved to spend money on opening hospices (not hospitals!) for the sick and dying so they could lay on cots and the floor writhing in pain till they die. How humane is that??? Saint my fucking ass. If she was a saint, then I must be this mythological God everyone keeps going mad for. Pfft.

Anyway, yeah... so, this broad is fucksword in the head. Seriously. My mother raised 7 on her own. Even she thinks this broad's mental state is right up there with Susan Smith who drown her two young babies for some dude who, I'm sure, was thrilled at her gesture of love and devotion. Pfft.