Saturday, February 28, 2009

me! me! meeeee! it's all about ME!!!!

My new boss is CRAZY about (un)reality shows. The other night she was watching one of those totally unreal housewife shows and a woman was talking about the tenuous state of her marriage.

The guy interviewing her said, "What's the number one thing you love about your husband?"

After much thought, she said, "I he loves me."


BTW, why they call these women "housewives" is beyond me. I've never seen any of them do a lick of house cleaning.


Shrinky said...

Ha! I love how vacuous she is! What do I love about hubby? Um, I am very fond of his credit card.. but it's a close call between that and having a full time taxi service for the kids. Oh, housework? I have slaves for that, they're called kids (well they have to pay off this taxi service somehow). Smile.

Robin said...

Hi there. What's so funny about her answer?:

How he loves her

*Goddess* said...

It was funny because they asked her what she loved about HIM and she made it about herself..."how he loves ME."