Thursday, February 19, 2009

i'm sensing some 'anger mgmt classes' in his future

How could she possibly turn down a stand up guy like this?! Look how well he handled his anger.


A 20-year-old man reportedly pepper-sprayed his girlfriend in a Drew University dorm when she broke up with him the night after Valentine's Day, Madison police said.

Keiyon Gordon, of Ellenwood, Ga., then allegedly stole his ex-girlfriend's prescription eye glasses, laptop computer and textbooks and later ran from police with the stolen items, authorities said.

Drew public safety officers responded to the girlfriend's dorm on a report of a man banging on her door around 3 a.m. Monday. The girlfriend, a Drew freshman, told campus police that Gordon had taken her glasses, Drew spokesman Dave Muha said. Campus police unsuccessfully tried to locate him, and when police returned to the student's room, she told them he had pepper-sprayed her earlier that night, Muha said.

Drew police said they did not see evidence that she had been sprayed, and the girlfriend declined to file assault charges, he said.

Later Monday morning, Drew police received a tip that Gordon was on campus and that he was about to leave with the allegedly stolen items. Drew officers contacted Madison police for assistance, Muha said.

Madison police converged on the area and stopped Gordon, a Camden County College student, who resisted briefly, in James Park on Park Avenue, Madison police said. The items, valued at $2,860, were found near the path Gordon took fleeing from a Drew officer, Madison police said.

The pepper spray belonged to the victim, but police said they found it in Gordon's possession when he was arrested.

Gordon was charged with theft, defiant trespass, resisting arrest and domestic assault, police said. He was taken to the Morris County jail where he was held Tuesday on $10,000 bail.

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