Saturday, February 14, 2009

i am i am i said i'm not myself

I love when these celebrities get PR and family to come in and clean their messes up. How Clinton Brown can possibly refer to his son's attempted strangulation of Rhianna and beating her about the face as a "trip up" and a "stumble" is beyond me. God only knows what daddy considers a major fuck up. He'd probably describe the whole OJ incident as "a little woman trouble".
I LMAO when daddy said Chris "loves people". Yeah, his "love" of people is quite apparent in his behavior.

Well, good luck here, Falcons.

Tonight's second episode of COPS was called "Morons on Parade." Couldn't EVERY episode of COPS be called "Morons on Parade"? Just sayin is all....


Shrinky said...

I love your take on the world - "a little woman trouble.." (Laughing my socks off.) Yup, I've long held suspicions of doting parents (grin).

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Now now! Michael's a disadvantaged minority multi-millionaire from the hood, don'tcha know!!

The fact he's still in the NFL instead of san quention is a testament to reverse discrimination.