Saturday, February 28, 2009

he's just not that into.................eggs

Because I feel it's important for the offspring to learn about their Greek Catholic heritage, I took them to a Pysanky egg class. (FINE! There are days I'll do ANYTHING to get the little piss ants out of the trailer! Friday, for instance, they'll be learning about their "fishing heritage" when I send them all to the fire hall for a fish fry.)

Female Offspring #1 was home for a visit so she came along, as well as did Female Offspring #2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Male Offspring #6 is NOT allowed home by himself, lest he set the trailer on fire again, so I dragged him along, too. I thought he would quickly get into the spirit of things. Apparently I was wrong.

The females turned in these very artsy offerings. Gorgeous, aren't they?
My hand is not that steady. Years of drinking, perhaps.

While Male Offspring #6 made THIS little beauty with the words "SUCK IT" written on it...

I'm sure it was a coincidence that the woman seated next to Male Offspring #6 "accidentally" sat on an egg during the class. Sure beat the fun from last year’s class when Female Offspring #3 “proved” to Male Offspring #1 that the eggs were raw……by cracking one over his head. Hey, the little Doubting Thomas had it coming.

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