Tuesday, February 10, 2009

giddy up!

Now that we're into the second season of Gunsmoke, the 4th season of The Rifleman and the second season of the Big Valley from Netflix, there are some things I know for sure.
1. Someone will die.
2. Someone will run out of water.
3. There will be saloon girls aka da town whores with bulging cleavage...proving that sex sells...even in the 60's.

Speaking of Gunsmoke, we were watching an episode today that had me rolling. The marshal approached a stranger who had horses with a familiar brand. The marshal wanted to know why he was driving the man's horses when the man was nowhere in sight. He said, "I'm not driving them. I found them wandering around loose and I rounded them up." I said to my husband, "Holy shit! Even in the old West people were lying to the law." Advance 200 years, "They're not my drugs. I found them and was going to give them to you."

And may I just say, that in his day, Marshal Dillon was a hottie!

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BBC said...

And those that say permits are not required. "Permits? We don't need no fucking permits."

Shoots up the whole town and rides into the hills with the booze, money and women.

Ah, the good old days.