Wednesday, February 04, 2009

can you hear me screaming, world?!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was thisclose to slapping Overtime Hawg today...if it's possible to slap someone over the telephone.

We got our hours chopped AGAIN so I'm down to like 3 hours a day, 14 days a month. I agreed to work 11:30-4:30 to help get supper and all the evening stuff taken care of. OH started telling me everything I'd have to do before I left for the night as if I wasn't the one who has been working there four more years than she was. As if I don't have a brain in my head, and I need her to micromanage my every freaking move.

Anyway, she concluded her big spiel by saying she was staying every day till 5:30 and asked me if I'd do it. I said, "I'll get all the stuff ready, but I'm not staying till 5:30," and she snapped, "Well, if you're not going to do it then..." I was equally pissy when I said, "I didn't say I wasn't going to get everything ready before I leave, I said, I'm not working two hours every day that I don't get paid for. One is enough."

She immediately started with her shit about how she comes in at 9:30 every day and works till 5:30 without getting paid for it all, and I stopped her and said, "That is entirely your choice. I am already working one hour every day I'm not getting paid for, I'm NOT WORKING TWO." I did that the first week our hours were chopped and then I began really thinking about the situation.

I said, "Let me lay this out for you. Boss #1 has been warning Boss #2 for MONTHS AND MONTHS--since at least Christmas of '07--that she is running out of money. I figured out that last shipment of fruit she bought cost her almost five dollars for each piece of fruit. Does that sort of spending sound like a woman who is worried about running out of money? There are a million things I WANT, but I can't AFFORD them, so I don't buy them. If us being there was really important to her, she would have saved that money to give us. Don't try to guilt me into working hours I'm not getting paid for. I'm doing enough. If you want to come up there every day after I leave and work for free, you just knock yourself out," and I hung up on her. I'm fed up with her shit.

Honestly, I've tried not to be angry with my boss, but there is a part me of that resents the fact that she expects us to work for free after she's wasted thousands and thousands of dollars. When we started there, she had EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND dollars in her checking account alone. And that didn't count any of the money that was used to pay us. So she's essentially squandered all that money on junk she just had to have.

Her behavior has pissed my husband off, almost from the beginning. He used to get so angry when come Christmas, we'd buy her $10 and $20 gifts and she'd give us a pen. My husband would say, "She spends money on useless stuff, instead of giving it to the very people who make it possible for her to live at home." That, my dear, is ALWAYS the way it is.

I just hope and pray I find a new job ASAP.


Shrinky said...

Screaming? Hell girl, I'd be out with a hatchet ready to scalp someone! Where does OH get off telling you to mortgage your family's and your life by donating it to charity? Family and bills have to come first - oh wait a minute, maybe some nice little bod will offer to come round to your house for free to look after you all, eh?

The hours you are NOT being paid are rightly being spent looking for a way to have them earning again. Good luck hon, hope you won't be long before finding something more secure!

*Goddess* said...

Thanks. I have GOT to get something new so I can get out of there.

Anonymous said...

No need get upset with them. It's their bag to be manipulative. You don't have to let them work you over.

Stay firm, stay strong. Tell them all so everyone is aware of your stance. And anyone who tries to guilt you into wavering can kiss you beautiful ass.

And remember, you're better than all of them. Esp. OTH!