Monday, January 26, 2009

tea and crumpets, anyone?

As is my usual custom in the winter, I opened a box of Celestial Seasonings herbal tea the other night for a mug of Vanilla Honey Chamomile before bedtime.

On the inside flap it said, "Ever wonder why no string and no tag?"

Yes, Celestial Seasonings, MANY is the night I've laid awake pondering this very mystery.

They're claiming it has to do with helping the environment, while my much more cynical take is they're cutting costs.


BRUNO said...

Bet you won't find this question on a box-flap of tampons!

Maybe instead:

"Needle-nose pliers included FREE in each box...!"

BBC said...

Actually, both reasons are valid. I just recycle my beer cans.

*Goddess* said...

LOL! Good one, Bruno. Sure beats groping around "in there":)

Anonymous said...

Hi Goddess it's Sgt. Steve in Vegas saying hi!

*Goddess* said...

Hey, Sgt. C, thanks for stopping by! I wonder how you're doing every time I see your COPS ep:)