Friday, January 16, 2009

saturday's stuff

I'm rather ticked because I have to keep asking Boss #2 for my pay. Boss #1 always had the pays ready for Thursdays, but she isn't able to do the pays anymore because she's having problems with her vision. I should have been paid Thursday afternoon, and here it is Saturday and I'm still asking for my pay. Yesterday one of the pipes burst at work, causing Boss #2 absolutely NO WORK whatsoever. She basically sits and watches TV, gets waited on hand and foot, and does little else. So I asked for my pay last night and she said, "Oh, I didn't have a chance to get it ready. There was so much going on today!" Yeah, uh huh, and that affects you HOW?

The area school kids had the day off Friday because of the cold temps--it's been about 3 degrees outside all day, and Mr. G said it was about -8 in the early hours the chillin's would have had to catch the bus. Anyway, about ten of them in da hood spent a couple hours outside sled! Too cold to wait for the bus, but NOT too cold to play!

Saw one of my favorites, Denis Leary on Oprah. Brrrr. Makes me shiver saying the words "Oprah" and "Denis Leary" in the same sentence. I was wanting to see WHEN they're bringing 'Rescue Me' back. It's been FOREVER. So, of course, they made no mention of Rescue Me that I heard--I couldn't sit through all that gibberish because Denis totally wussed out by kissing Oprah's ass. I'm disappointed in him!
And what is up with that stupid Friday Live panel O has? It consists of her, Gayle, because Lord knows she can't make a move without Gayle!, some chick named Alley that I should recognize, but I don't and for Pete freaking sake, Mark Consuelous, Mr. Kelly Ripa. WTH? Did she pull their names from a box marked, "celebs nobody wants to hear from" or what? Mark and Alley can hardly get a word in edgewise when O and Gayle start going at it. I guess this is O's lameazz version of The View. Lord knows it's equally annoying.

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