Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh the places you'll go and the shows you'll see

Mr. G and I have favorite television shows from when we were kids and also from our early married life. So recently we decided to go back and look at some of these shows and see if they were as great as we thought they were.

First up was Alf. Oy. What were we thinking there? It was HILARIOUS the first time around. PAINFUL now.

Second up was my favorite, the original Batman. I LIVED for this show, especially when Catwoman (Julie Newmar) was on. I loved the sexual tension between her and Batman, although I had no idea what it was all about. The show is HIDEOUS. I have no idea what I saw in it.

Next up was another of my favorite "can't miss" series, Here Come The Brides with Bobby Sherman. The first time I saw it, I thought his stuttering was endearing and sweet. This time around, I wanted to smack him upside the head and scream, "SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!" Another loser.

We both were enthralled by Wild, Wild West--yeah, the wiggity wiggity Wild, Wild West!-- as kids. Mr. G loved the gadgets and I loved James T. West. *Swoon* But as adults we were both disgusted by the way West and Artemus Gordan managed to get out of trouble with their gadgets. It was like one of them armed with a can opener against sixteen guys with guns and guess who would win? LOU-ZER.

Then we watched the original Fantasy Island, which we used to enjoy watching together every Friday night. I can honestly say I never realized it was so dark. In the first season DVD, there were murders and Rourke was rather sadistic. I know "Rourke" was sadistic and sarcastic in the newer series, but I never realized it was pretty close to the original.

Mr. G loves The Rifleman every bit as much now as he did when he was a kid. Ditto Big Valley and Gunsmoke with Miss Pussy. What made me laugh about the old westerns is how they kill people in every doggone episode and more often than not, they just leave their body there and move on as if nothing ever happened. Mr. G always laughs about how they toss their canteens away when they're in the desert and out of water, instead of saving it in case they find more water.

Adam 12 was really cheesy, and I admit I only watched that because I thought Kent McCord was a hottie. And he was!!

The other day we watched "F Troop," yet another of my childhood favorites. So much so that I had F Troop BOOKS. But again, in my defense, it was because of the romance between Parmenter and Jane. After watching two or three eps, you could see it was all the same stuff: Agarn and O'Rourke spend their days trying to keep the U.S. Gub'ment from finding out about their illegal whiskey bizness with the Hekawi Indians, while Jane chased after Parmenter, who was too busy falling all over himself to fall for anyone else. BTW, I don't think a show could be more offensive to the American Indians if they tried. LOL! I didn't realize though, that Melody Patterson was only seventeen when shooting of the show began, which is why Parmenter never kissed her back in the first season. And I thought he was just being hard to get.

I can't find one of my REAL favorites, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir tv series, so next up, Petticoat Junction & Love American Style!


Anonymous said...

ALF??? Oh, I don't think I could stomach that one!
My husband has all the *wild wild west* ones on DVD's...he's addicted to the old shows. Have you seen the Encore channel??

BBC said...

I very seldom turn a TV on.

BRUNO said...

Ahh, yes---MISS Kitty!

As Sean Connory in "The Untouchables" would say, in that thick brogue which is his trademark: "The whore with a heart of gold!" In-deed!

Yeah, we ALL know the "real-time" story would be---"Damn! Can't blame ol' Matt for tappin' into that...!!!"