Friday, January 30, 2009

i sea, said the salty sailor

I have never been one to use a lot of salt in my food, but I've been using Redmond's Sea Salt for several months now and I can't get over how it brings out the flavor of food, especially veggies. The flavor just 'pops'.

If I had six kids and was living with my mommy, the last thing I'd be doing is taking fertility drugs. Where's the father in all of this? BTW, Grandpa, goading the press by saying they'll "never find" your house is the LAST thing you want to do. Ask Gary Hart how well that works. Besides, you will ALWAYS have neighbors who are willing to sell you out.


BRUNO said...

Natural sea-salt, eh? CAUGHT YA'!!!

Remember that "song" of a while back? Can't remember the name of the "singer", or the title---Junk Food Junkie???---but at the end he's been spotted in public,"...with a Big Mac on my breath!!!" Now, just WHO is it amongst us, with a "Mickey-D's" on our breath??? Huh???

"With a handful of Pringles' potato chips, an' a Ding-Dong by my head!!!"

"In the daytime I'm Mr. Natural, just as healthy as I can be! But at night I'm a Junk-Food Junkie, oh Lord have pity on me!"......

*Goddess* said...

I wish I could eat all that shit. Double cheezebugas now and then--lately more then than now. The only time I have Big Macs is when they're BOGO. Lordy, they're like $4 something a sandwich. They go down to quickly to spend more than a $1 on!