Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i rode my bicycle passed your window last night

I forgot to mention this glorious sight I saw on the way to work one day last week. It had been raining, then snowing, then sleeting then snowing so the consistency of the snow was basically that of SAND. Did I mention I HATE DRIVING IN SAND?!

I was driving along, humming the theme to The Price is Right as per my usual routine--because ONE DAY I am going to BE on The Price is Right and I am going to win A...NEW....CAR!!!!!!! Ok, where was I? I turned onto this small bridge and there is a fairly chubby dude next to me on a very shaky bicycle trying to steer through three or four inches of this mess while holding a big bag in his left hand. Weeeeee! And he wasn't on the sidewalk of the bridge, he was driving right beside the cars. How he made it across that bridge I'll never know.

BTW, the my drive to and from work has officially turned into a game of "Dodge the Potholes." If you've never driven on Pennsylvania highways, God bless you. You're truly one of the favored sons. If you have driven on PA highways, you know what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about shitty little potholes that you barely feel, I'm talking DEEP AND WIDE, 'throwing your front end out of alignment' type potholes. I know every street that has them, and exactly where they are. I contacted a local scientist (ok I asked my husband) to ask why the potholes were particularly bad this year and he said it was due to the extremely warm, then extremely cold temps we had in December. Then he asked me to have sex with him. The nerve! I complied. Regardless, I THANK GOD I haven't gotten a flat tire because I hit one of these 'pits of death' a week or so ago when I was daydreaming. about being on The Price is Right and winning A....NEW....CAR!!!! Hence, the caution now.

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Shrinky said...

Aw, forget daydreaming about "The Price Is Right", move on up to "Who wants to be a Millionaire?". You would be a dead cert hon, especially as your daydream involves questions on all the potholes only you need to avoid!

Hope the weather cuts you some slack soon hon, and to think I was in a major strop over driving through thick fog today - remind me to get my priorities in check, will ya'?