Sunday, January 04, 2009

bqwak bqwak bqwak! chicken man! he's everywhere! he's everywhere!

I was in the drive thru line at McDonald's tonight waiting for my--say it with me, kids--unsweetened ice tea, and there was a car in front of me with a couple in the front and two kids in the back. I swear that girl handed them at least eight bags of crappy food.

Anyway, the mother started handing bags over the seat to the kids in the back, and suddenly it reminded me of when we were little and my parents used to take us to Stuver's Family Restaurant or Stuver's Chicken as a lot of people called it. (They were the ones who sponsored the episodes of Chicken Man on the radio at that time;) How we would WAIT for those bags to come over the seat!

I told Mr. G this story and he's made fun of me ever since. He's thinks its a hoot my mother was this cheap. I have news for him, she still is...

But I digress.

Stuvers had a menu similiar to McDonald's, but you could also get buckets of chicken.

I come from a big family, but this was at a time when there were only three of us little kids left at home. As we approached Stuver's, my mother would start with her spiel. "Now, you kids can have a hamburger and fries or a shake and a hamburger, but you CANNOT have all three!" LOL! It's funny to me, too, because double cheeseburgers today are only $1.00, so how expensive could a lousy hamburger have been back then? Inevitably some smart ass--ok, me--would say, "Can we have a shake and fries?" and she'd yell, "No! Because then you'll be hungry and there's no nutrition in fries!"

Ahhh, the good old days:)


BBC said...

I like the 99 cent items at Wendy's. Only go to Mc Donalds once in a while of a biscuit sausage.

*Goddess* said...

Those biscuit sausages must be good because when I worked early morning shift, I was forever stuck in the drive thru behind people waiting for their biscuits.

Shrinky said...

Our equivalent to "fast food" back then was a fish and chip take-away. Except we NEVER were treated to a fish, and always had to split the chips thre or four way. Instead of a fish, we were allowed the cheaper version.. a slither of cod sandwiched between two slices of potato, deep fried in batter.

It certainly was a treat anyway, compared to my mothers home cooking! Happy days..