Thursday, January 22, 2009

and a partridge in a palm tree

I was bitterly disappointed today when I discovered my second all time favorite redneck Christmas display had been dismantled. WTH?! It's only January 21st! Christmas decorations don't officially come down until Jesus is ready to roll back that rock and emerge from His tomb.

For those who don't remember, my all time favorite redneck Christmas display was Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the back of a truck and BEHIND a wire fence. Yes, you can't risk criminal types sneaking into your yard and stealing your valuables! Also behind the fence were several burned out cars and the previous years' plastic decorations tossed in a heap beside St. Joseph.

Christmas 2008 I found my second favorite amongst a mish mash of decorations in one big yard. What particularly made me howl was the way the guy had the Nativity scene displayed. He had the usual culprits: Jesus and His parents front and center, the sheep off to the left and the Magi on the right. Next to the Magi stood Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Minnie and Tigger could not attend the birth because they had a prior committment singing in the choir of angels in the another section of the yard, next to a merry go round. Lordy, where's a camera when ya need one?

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