Friday, December 12, 2008

mama, don't your babies grow up to be auto workers

I would love to strangle the Senators that don't want to help with the auto industry bailout, especially the ones that say they won't give the money if the workers don't take a pay cut.

That's the mentality of these people in Washington: don't take the money from the top where they make and WASTE the money, take it from the working class. One car company paid Tiger Woods SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS in endorsements. Ford paid MILLIONS to have some dumb ass stadium to slap the word Ford in it's name. So, of course, what's needed is to continue that frivolous spending and take the money from someone who is trying to feed his family and keep a roof over his head. God forbid that a U.S. worker should be able to get ahead financially in their job.

The United Auto Workers DID agree to some concessions, they did agree to reduce their benefits, but apparently that wasn't enough for those in the Senate who want to break the union and leave the workers with nothing.

When Wall Street came begging, the Senate didn't say, "hey, no money until you cut out the fat," and "no money until all the CEO's and bankers take pay cuts." No, they just handed them whatever they wanted, without even assuring someone would be accountable for that money. And when some of those companies came begging again weeks later, guess what? They gave them MORE money. Now that it's time for the Senate to step up and take care of the WORKING CLASS in this country, they can't be bothered. No, let's put three million people out of work. Drive this country even further into economic collapse. That'll show 'em!

I wish every elected official in Washington and even local governements had to work and live one year on minimum wage with NO BENEFITS during their term. Maybe they wouldn't be making these asshole decisions if they remembered what it's like to be an American worker.

When are we going to learn in this country? We're trying to get off of foreign oil dependency, and now we're going to be dependent on them for our CARS?


Shrinky said...

I couldn't agree more hon. Lord knows where this will spin off to. I do know that for a Christmas bonus this year everyone at hubby's workplace are now earning a third less salary for their efforts. At this rate (heaven forbid) I might even have to get me a JOB. Grounds for divorce, that is..

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"That's the mentality of these people in Washington: don't take the money from the top where they make and WASTE the money, take it from the working class."
Vested interests relevation: I'm a 32 year veteran of the auto industry.

Congress is really just doing the industry's wish list for them. NOBODY tells GM what to do...NOBODY!!

BBC said...

Hon, people are not buying their cars. You don't hear Toyota and Honda whining, they are just adjusting.

So people will lose jobs, big deal, adjust.