Saturday, December 13, 2008

whenever you look at me i wish i was her

I love the new commercial for the movie Valkyrie. The announcer says, “Tom Cruise gives his best performance in years.” So basically he’s been putting out shit all these years.

I was watching some music videos the other day and I saw one for Adele’s “Chasing Pavements.” Now Adele is not the skinny, gorgeous Beyonce type singer that we see so often these days, she’s an average looking woman, like so many of us in this world. It came as no surprise to me that many of the shots of her in the video are from far away where she’s shadowed or close ups of her face or from the neck up. Hell, even her album cover is the upper part of her face, consisting of a closed eye and part of her nose. God forbid the music industry should inadvertently send out the message that you don’t have to be good looking to have talent. Sadly, she has fallen victim to “Ann Wilson Syndrome”. Check out old Heart videos when Ann was thin and then those shot when Ann got chubby. Ann and Nancy got equal billing until she gained weight. Suddenly, Ann was subjected to tight close ups of her face or long shots in the SHADOWS, of course, while Nancy was front and center in sexy clothes. The chubbier she got, the less she was shown. Another victim of Ann Wilson syndrome? Carnie Wilson. For about every fifteen times they showed her fellow band mates, she’s seen once. Speaking of Adele, I love her song "Cold Shoulder".

Just a Christmas "heads up" for ya: on December 18th several companies are participating in a free shipping, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas day.


BBC said...

I hate christmas.

I love the new commercial for the movie Valkyrie.

Haven't seen it and won't be seeing it, I don't support hollyweird.

BRUNO said...

Well, I like the Christmas lights and such---especially if someone else is payin' the bill!---but I HATE how commercialized it's become. Hell, they start earlier each year!

LOL!!! Loved that one! "---gives his best performance in years---" so basically he's been putting out shit...

Never thought of it that way! LOL!!!