Thursday, December 25, 2008

please have snow and mistletoe

Christmas Eve was a rather subdued affair this year with Dad being gone.

We all got together and celebrated but it seemed like so many of us were just going though the motions, trying to be "happy" because it was the holidays.

I imagine about lot of us were thinking about the family members we've lost, wondering if we'll all still be together for next Christmas, and wondering what 2009 will bring for us.

The weather didn't cooperate either. It was rainy and muddy. Seems like this is going to be one of those winters where we get a lot more ice/freezing rain/sleet than snow.


Shrinky said...

Yes love, Christmas has a way of reminding us of those other Christmases before; it does get easier in time, I'm finally able to look back and smile at the ones I celebrated with those now gone - were it not for Christmas we may not have had the excuse to call all the family together under the same roof, and for that I am grateful.

Hope the New Year brings you happiness and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams!

Anonymous said...

Our family sat around a gorgeous, delicious meal talking about those we grew up with or knew or were related to who were crackheads, in jail, or dead, or a combination of them all. From there, mum had a story about a dead tiger butterfly that died at the same hour my nephew did, that had orange stripes on it - my nephew's fave colour, and then we talked about my father who died 40 years ago tomorrow. Oh, and in between, my mother brought out an ice cream cake for my 40th birthday.

As Joe said about the flow of that dinner conversation, "Good times." I concur.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Dad went 10 years ago. I know a little of how you feel. Occasionally a tear will trickle down Mom's cheek, and set us all off, but for the large part, we are able to mostly look back and smile, as Shrinky said. Hang in Hon. It does get better. I have NO idea when...but it does!:)

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Carol, I guess it should teach us to appreciate the ones we're with now:) "Love the one you're with..."

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, Dan'l, I remember when my sister first died, every time I thought of her, I cried and cried. Gradually, I was able to laugh about the things she did and the fun we had together growing up. I guess there comes a point when you move past sorrow and become appreciative of the time you had with them. Thanks.

*Goddess* said...

I often wonder what people think if they could hear our conversations, Stacey, and yours wins the prize:)