Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's christmas time in the city

NOBODY makes romantic Christmas commercials as well as Kay Jewelers does, and this years is THE BEST. This guy takes his girl out and says, "Remember this?" And she says, "Oh, this is where we first met." Then "this is where we had our first date," and then, "This is where we had our first kiss." Then he takes her to a park and she says, "I don't remember this place." He gets down on one knee and opens a jeweler's box with an engagement ring in it and says, "You will." Damn, that's hella romantic!

I'm so tired of these people on dating site commercials saying, "When you own your own business, you're just too busy to date." or "My work keeps me too busy to meet people and date." THEN WHY ARE YOU PIMPING A DATING SITE?!

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BRUNO said...

Yeah, a LOT more romantic than MY proposal!

Me:"Wanna get married?"

Her:"Yeah, why not---what the hell!!!"

And, by gawd, that's exactly what we did, a little over 20 years ago! Enough activity for ONE day, anyhow...!!!