Sunday, December 14, 2008

cool deal for us oldsters with vinyl albums

If there's one thing I know about my skimmers, it's that most of them are old like me and own LP's.

Check this out.

It turns your LP songs into MP3's! Unfortunately, most of my albums are like me: warped.

I didn't know this even existed, but I'm sure you guys did, cuz that's the second thing I'm sure of: most of you are way more tech savvy than I am:) Now if I can just find a way to turn my 200+ cassettes into MP3's....sigh.


BRUNO said...

More than I'm gonna pay for a conversion---especially while I still have a working turn-table!

I'm sure there's more than one type of system for cassette-to-mp3 conversion. But as for me, I don't hold that much stock in the overall durability of the mp3 system to start with.

Vinyl, 8-tracks, cassettes---all obsolete, yes. Just like the mp3 will be, soon, as well. It's already happened to our DVD's.

Blu-Ray? That's really not new---they had a much larger version of the same thing in the early '70's, I believe, when the idea of a home entertainment center was still an infant. The discs were about the size of a pizza-pan...!

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Shrinky said...

No, I DIDN'T know about this gizmo, and it is WAYYYYYYYY cool! Had I found out earlier I may well have put it on my Christmas wish list. I can't bear to chuck out my old records, they are memory discs of my youth.