Monday, December 08, 2008

feats of accomplishment

Mr. G rolled over in bed this afternoon and said, "We've had sex three days in a row!"

I said, "Honey, we used to do that all the time."

He said, "Yeah, but that was when we were younger."

HEY! Some of us are still young.


mrsbentley519 said...

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Mushy said...

Don't let that get the years roll by the interval between times gets longer and longer. You have to work at it!

*Goddess* said...

I'm noticing that, Mushy. I think after awhile we take it for granted, along with everything else. Sigh.

BBC said...

I'm sixty-five and I'm still good for six times a day, with the right woman.

But just for fun, go off more than once a day at my age and your nuts start hurting.

It's life and work and such that screws up our sex lives. Other than that we're good to go into our eighty's, if ya don't mind having sex with someone old and wrinkled.

Like a really good friend that still turns your crank. May you have a long and fulfilling sex life.

With chocolate on your boobs for him to lick off.