Thursday, December 11, 2008

dudley do right

Some freaking do-gooder on my Christmas card list sent me $10 and told me to "add some $ to it and give it to a deserving person." Pay it forward, as it were.

I thought, "Wow. What a great idea."

I added another $10 to that, gave the $20 to my husband and he took me out to Ryan's Steakhouse for lunch.

Gee, I hope this do-gooder does this again next year. I really enjoyed the meal:)

Speaking of Ryan's Steakhouse, COULD YA MAKE THOSE ROLLS ANY SMALLER?! I could eat JUST rolls at Ryan's, they are that good. I loves me some yeast. But they've gone from huge to teeny meeny size. I know restaurants have to cut back, but couldn't they cut back on stuff like veggies? Stop screwing with my beloved ROLLS!

Have you seen the new Burger King commercials in which they go all around the globe and conduct taste tests with burger virgins. They decided between the Whopper and Big Mac. The commercial ends with, "Looks like he/she has a taste for the Whooper." And heart disease and clogged arteries.


BRUNO said...

A "burger-virgin". Heh-heh!

Well, as bad as they taste, I think somebody SHOULD, indeed, "fuck with them"!(Or maybe already HAVE!)

Just MY opinion! To me, EVERYTHING tastes like a "soiled-dove" nowadays anyhow...!

*Goddess* said...

Trust me, they'll be "fucked" in the the fat and cholesterol.

BBC said...

I live in a small town and prefer to do my own cooking anyway so I get the things I like at a price I can afford.

I've never seen a Ryan's Steak House so don't know what they are like. The Burger King here closed a couple of years ago, they just tore the building down to build another frigging bank there.

Grease bread, ever eat grease bread? I fucking love it. When cooking hamburger or pork sausage I slop a couple slices of bread in the grease in the pan.

Damn, that is so good.

BBC said...

Fucked by the fat and cholesterol?

Don't look at me, my cholesterol is better than the fucking doctors checking it.

Not much fat on me either, I just eat to live, not live to eat. Sometimes I have to eat more just to keep a decent weight.

Mushy said...

Good thinking!

Have you seen the perverted Arby's commercial where the guy's wife is serving him in bed, and the trademark goes "doooiiioooiiiooong" above his head! That ain't right!