Friday, December 12, 2008

and a partridge in a pear tree

This past week I received a lovely Christmas card from our neighbors to the North, Stacey and Joe. While the offspring were upset that "Aunt Stacey" didn't enclose any Canadian nickels in their card, I was bitterly disappointed she didn't have it hand delivered by a Canadian Mountie. Hey, that's the way we roll here in the States!

Whoopers: fat, cholesterol and a heaping serving of controversy. I heard on the news yesterday that the folks at the World Hunger Organization are pissed by these ads, too, because of the amount of money Burger King is wasting on them, saying that money could be used to feed people. Hey, Burger King can't be concerned with feeding the world's poor. They're too busy introducing heart disease to a whole new group of people!

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Anonymous said...

Whoops! That part of your christmas list didn't make it across the border somehow. odd, that. esp. given your list was sent in email. :-)