Thursday, November 20, 2008

who wrote the book of love

WORDS OF WISDOM: “Is there any unpleasant aspect of our society that Dick Cheney isn’t making money off of?” Jon Stewart

Somebody explain this one to me. HOW IN THE WORLD can going to a tire and retreading shop hurt your credit rating? We're not supposed to buy frigging tires now?! The thing that really aggravates me is that consumers have to pay to get their own damn credit rating. That just shows how out of control this credit card industry is. The cc's have total control and as consumers, the only thing we get is the shaft....along with a hefty interest rate.

Let me just preface this by saying, yes, Billy, I know I watch too much tv. The writers of the Ghost Whisperer really weenied out. Two weeks ago, JLH’s onscreen hubby “died” of a blood clot to the brain after surgery. Last week he hung around, refusing to leave earth and at the last minute, he leaped into the body of a recently deceased man. This way, they can keep David Conrad onscreen, and start things between them all over again. What a boring way to go. Either have the balls to kill the character off or not, but don’t pull a wussy stunt like this. Besides, it’s going to get confusing for viewers. When other people see the guy, they see a stranger. When JLH sees him, she sees him as David Conrad. Guh.

I was watching a show this afternoon about what women in different cultures perceive as "beautiful". Japanese women want skin as clear and as light as possible. How different from the over-tanned Americans.
Some of the most desirable human hair for our hair extensions comes from India. Damn those Indians have the market cornered on our jobs AND our hair! They shave their hair to please the gods. Then the temple sells it. A father and son team are the top hair exporters in India, and btw, they both had a full head of hair.
Overweight women and women with stretch marks are the most desired women around in the West African country of Mauritania. “I would not swab a plumb woman for a scrawny one.” Force feed to fatten them up. The more you weigh, the better your chances of getting married. There they take drugs that MAKE you overeat. They want to be fat at all costs. Skinny=sick and something wrong with you. Take that, Steve Lick!!
In Brazil, women suck down more diet pills than any country in the world. In the past, only single women would take good care of their bodies in Brazil. They have three or four mags devoted entirely to plastic surgery--big boobs in particular. So much so that they even have payment plans for plastic surgery in Brazil.
Nose job capitol of the world is………Iran! I was shocked to see that. 60 thousand nose jobs every year. Women say they have to cover up most of their body, but the face is seen, so they want it to be perfect. Nose jobs are a status symbol, and women who can’t afford nose jobs buy tape and wear it, trying to make others think they’ve had it. Again, how different from US people who lie about having plastic surgery.


BRUNO said...

Yes, even I liked to occasionally sneak a peek of Ghost Whisperer, when my wife's watching---but ONLY to catch a glimpse(and fantasize!)about Jennifer Love-Hewitt!!!

But THIS latest plot-twist has just about done it for my wife, even. She doesn't even record it anymore, to watch later.

Well---time for me to find ANOTHER "wet-dream"...!!!

*Goddess* said...

YOU watch Ghost Whisperer?! I only caught these eps because CBS kept pimping it so much during my soaps, and the dead husband thing was a heart breaker...for about five seconds when you realized he wasn't going anywhere.

BRUNO said...

Well, of COURSE I do! Anything FEMALE, with "lips, tits, ass, n' legs" has MY attention!

But this plot ain't gonna fly on 'Whisperer'. Gettin' WAY-Y-Y too far out in left-field, for what at times was actually an interesting show, in the first season anyhow.(Of course, JL-H was YOUNGER then, and oh, so---HOTT!!!)LOL!!!