Wednesday, November 26, 2008

moving right along

Love this quote. In the new movie Four Christmases, Vince Vaughn is explaining to his friends that he and Reese Witherspoon are going to lie to their families so they can spend Christmas alone together. His friend says, "You would lie to your family at Christmas?" Vince says, "You can't spell 'families' without the 'lies'. Try it." LOL!!

I am ON SCHEDULE for Countdown: Thanksgiving 2008, people! Yesterday, I cleaned the fridge, the living room, hall, stairs and bathroom. Tuesday, I cleaned the bedrooms and the kitchen, and today, I start baking. Yay! I'm actually looking forward to cooking this year.
Unfortunately, there's a winter storm warning in effect until Thursday morning, so I'm hoping Female Offspring #1 will be able to come home. I don't like her traveling in snowy weather because she has a couple mountains to climb along the way.

I saw an episode of Kath & Kim the other afternoon. Very disappointing. Molly Shannon is much funnier than that.

If you want to go around bear hugging, try the stuffed kind, NOT the kind with teeth and claws.

I thought this story was rather funny. You would think ginormous fake tits might be a clue that someone has a stripper/porn past, huh, and yet, it's just coming to light:)

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Lin said...

Well, I'm hoping for your good weather to hold out so that she can get home and back safely! Hey, and I think it's wonderful that you will have a full house to fuss over. Have a sublime TG tomorrow!