Wednesday, November 12, 2008

money changes everything

I can't believe the Congress is considering another stimulus package.

First of all, they keep telling us that part of this huge financial problem is too much credit card debt. Sooooo, the government borrows money that it cannot afford to borrow, thus incurring MORE debt, and tells us to spend it.

Secondly, the last time they tried this only a very small portion of the people spent the money. Most either saved it or used it to pay down debt. If they borrow more money and people don't spend it, they've made things even worse.

The government needs to stop coming up with these half-assed ideas and come up with a REAL answer to this financial crisis.


BRUNO said...

I agree. We need a REAL solution---not just more paperwork!

It's ironic that when your country's at war, it's also a time of economic growth, due to the new need for JOBS, in support of the nation's military needs. And, YES, even during, and very shortly after, Vietnam, not to mention the original Gulf war, short as it was.

What the hell's the problem now?

Don't know. Maybe we should try to KILL the enemy, instead of BRIBE him, and worry about violating his RIGHTS, before our OWN---eh???

Never happen. Once again, we're stuck to end with a war of attrition...

BBC said...

You can't fix what has gotten so big that it is going to topple. You can only let it topple and start over again.