Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's fixed, I tells ya!

There were five seconds left in the Pittsburgh/San Diego game and the announcer remarked that if the score stood, it would be the first 11-10 game in the history of the NFL. He went on to say how thrilled the bookies would be.

Then San Diego passed the ball, and it got tossed to two or three different players before Troy Polamalu caught it and ran it in for a touch down, making the score 17-10. They reviewed the play and the ref came out and said it wasn't a lateral pass, and the play stood, the final score was 17-10.

All of a sudden, they took the play back and the announcer said, "Well, the bookies will be thrilled." Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?


BRUNO said...

Of COURSE it's "fixed"! That's why they call it PROFESSIONAL football! Follows in the footsteps of one OTHER of human-kinds' oldest "professions"---which for some, is "fixed", as well!!!

Yeah, I watched that game, and the potential record-ending score. Indeed, the OFFICIAL game score stood at 17-10 for at least five full minutes, before it was "officially" changed back to 11-10!

And I thought EXACTLY the same thing you did: FIXED!!! How convenient, indeed...!!!

(Kinda like the Redskins/Cowboys game, with it's "rolling-touchback-off-his-ass-into-the-endzone" play...?)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"the announcer said, "Well, the bookies will be thrilled." Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?["
It assuredly does! I used to be an avid follower of college football, and an absolute lunatic over college basketball.

I can't tell you who won the NCAA title last year. I never watched a single game of the entire tournament. With the millions upon millions stacked up out there on the edges of the want to believe it's clean and pure, but there is this thing called reality....