Monday, November 17, 2008

holiday road

I emailed the offspring this morning and told them I was getting read for an old fashioned Trisha Yearwood Thanksgiving feast. I’m making Grandma Lizzie’s cornbread dressing, Tricia’s sweet potato souffle and Trisha’s favorite cranberry salad. Female Offspring #1 emailed back, “You don’t even LIKE Tricia Yearwood and I don’t have a Grandma Lizzie.” I said, “No, but Trisha does. And no, I don’t like Tricia particularly, but her recipes were in the magazine I swiped from the dentist’s office, so that’s how Thanksgiving is going to shake down.” Male Offspring #2 emailed, “Tricia Yearwood?! Why don’t we have an old fashioned Goddessville Thanksgiving?” I thought about it and ya know, he’s right. We’ve had our own tradition all these years and we should stick to it, embrace it. Turkey TV dinners for all! Phew! I’m less stressed about the whole cooking thing already.

I watched “Made of Honor,” starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monagham this afternoon. It wasn’t bad. I just don’t see Patrick Dempsey’s appeal. IMHO, he’s not McSteamy, McDreamy or McCreamy, for that matter. He might be good looking, but he doesn’t have that certain something, like George Clooney. He doesn’t have that charisma.


BRUNO said...

Reminds me of a story I heard about Jimmy Dean sausage.

Someone broke into a refrigerated warehouse, and stole parts of every frozen shipment inside, EXCEPT for JD's sausage. Didn't touch even ONE box!

"Down on the farm goodness, from Jimmy Dean!" In-deed!!!

I'll stick with Hillshire Farms, thank you...!!!

*Goddess* said...

Maybe the thief was Jewish...LOL:)

BBC said...

There are free community Thanksgiving dinners here and I go to them, or to a friends place I'm invited to, don't have to cook or do the dishes.

I've got three dinners lined up so far.

Then when precooked turkeys come on sale I buy a couple and put them in the freezer for later.

BRUNO said...

May be, indeed! Those Hebrew National hot dogs ain't all that bad, either---just a lot more expensive than the "normal" versions!

Guess that's why I don't buy 'em anymore---I'm afraid they'll attack my non-denominational ass from the inside.....!!!