Friday, November 21, 2008

consistently inconsistent

From the "somebody's been watching too many porno videos" file. I love the line where he tells the chick she has to audition and she still might not get the part...LOL! He's totally got the huge balls to direct porn.

There's a commercial for a local hospital that runs during the noon news, and the focus is their heart center. They show a grandma celebrating her birthday with her family as they blather on about their cardiac care unit. At the end it says, "Does the family care that the Cardiac Care Center is one of the best in the state? No. They only care that Grandma is home and back to the life she loves." Yeah, boozing and bingo. Wheeeeee!

I received one of those crappy metaphysical brochures in the mail in which they touted a new "release" technique that will change my entire life. I was all set to order it until I saw one guy's "testimony" in which he said he was "cured of smoking marijuana." Why would you---who would want---GUH! There's one brochure that went right into the trash.

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