Thursday, October 16, 2008

you can show me yours, but i'm not showing you mine

CBS' The Ex List features a cop ex this week, so I thought I should bone up on the show and watch the first two eps to see what it was all about.

In the first ep, at one point, Bella's "friend"--at least I think they're just friends--lifts her skirt and asks her what she thinks of her shave job. (Not exactly in those words.) I was sitting there opened mouth, thinking, "Who the HELL shares that much information with their friend?" OR sister, doesn't matter. I mean, it's one thing to TELL them you did it, but SHOW them?! Well, I must be the prude because I just read this news story online.....WTH is wrong with people?!



The Livingston County sheriff's department has confiscated a dozen mobile phones after a 14-year-old girl took a cell phone photo showing her genitals and sent it to friends.

Sheriff Bob Bezotte tells the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus of Howell that the girl indicated she was "clowning around" over the summer when she took the photo, which also shows her face.

Bezotte says the Pinckney High School student sent the photo to three or four friends' phones. But authorities estimate it's gotten to more than 200 people since school resumed and students sought the photo.

The sheriff's department is seeking more phones containing the photo, and charges could be brought. Pinckney Community Schools Superintendent Dan Danosky says students also could be disciplined.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Apparently that cop doesn't know that by now that photo has left the phones, been put in another format....and is world wide.

Stupid also travels at the speed of light.

BBC said...

I'm glad it wasn't sent to me, I don't like looking at those things.

Well, I just returned from four aimless days of camping.

I went to be alone, happiness is camping without a woman that wants to be shopping or empire building.

Screw everything.