Thursday, October 09, 2008

politics schmallatics

I have more respect for people when they just 'fess up to what they did. Todd Palin says, "My wife and I are very close. We are each other's best friend. I have helped her in her career the best I can, and she has helped me." THEN goes on to say that Sarah knew nothing of his efforts to get brother-in-law Wooten fired from his job. Oh, come on. "We share everything...except for important stuff that might fuck with her political career."

Instead of John "I know how to fix every problem this country has" McCain telling us how he's going to do that, he and his partner are busy trying to associate Obama with terrorists. Gee, that speaks loudly of the confidence he has in his own ideas, doesn't it? Now is the time for McCain to start talking about how he's going to fix the economy since he said he knows how to do just that, instead of trying to distract people with bullshit. And if McCain knows "how to find Bin Laden" as he boasted the other night, why hasn't he shared those thoughts with the President to keep the people of the United States safe? Shouldn't that have been his first priority over his political ambitions?

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