Saturday, October 25, 2008

oh muh darling oh muh darling what's her name

Some of these news stories on the recession are absolutely unbelievable. I just saw one that was talking about ways to cut back, and the reporter started with, “This is blah blah dressed for Halloween,” *pause for dramatic effect* “ in last year’s costume.” OMG!! OMG!! The child had to reuse a Halloween costume! She’s undoubtedly scarred for life. Try living in a family so poor *pause for dramatic effect* that you had to sleep in your Huckleberry Hound costume night after night! Ok, that never happened, we were middle class, but I did have a Huckleberry Hound costume.

Did anybody ever stop to think that this recession might be a good time to teach your child that Mom and Dad are not an endless supply of money? That they are times that you want something you can’t have?

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