Sunday, October 26, 2008

if you're in the market for a new laptop for Christmas...

Big Lots has a very nice HP for only $550 this week. It has a 250gb hard drive and a 15.4 inch screen. It's wireless with a 5 in 1 digital media reader and webcam--for live sex shows;)
At $550, that's a great deal and probably won't last long.

Mr. G has informed me that I am NOT in the market for a new laptop. Sigh.

Actually, I'm not. Now that Gateway has replaced my mother board and my keyboard, I'm still lovin' the sweet little laptop I have:) but I do want to get a desktop at some point. My hours have been cut in half at work, so it won't be any time soon.


Mushy said...

Yipeee! Maybe I'll check'em out...can't believe Big Lot has PCs.

BBC said...

I'm not fond of laptops, I love my ass kicking desktop, they hold up better.