Sunday, October 12, 2008

I can't WAIT for this bullshit to end

Palin sis-boom-bah’ed her way into our little corner of the world this weekend, and she actually said she and McCain would balance the budget IN ONE YEAR. What an outrageously stupid claim. First rule of thumb in politics: when you lie, lie PLAUSIBLY.

Didn’t she start that stupid “hockey mom” stuff, and the disappointing thing is women buy into it. Here’s the deal: because her kid plays hockey and your kid plays hockey, that doesn't mean she wants to sit down in your kitchen and share a pierogi with you, and more importantly, that doesn’t make you social equals. I think it's FABULOUS that some women can relate to her, but because she’s a mom, a wife and a spouse that doesn’t make her fit to hold a job she knows very little about.

I can't help but think that if Palin were a man, the press would be all over her ass for being dumb, much the same way they were with Dan Quayle. I think it's only her gender and the fact that she SEEMS like a nice person, holding them back. Again, nice doesn't equal experienced.

Palin was picking out pumpkins in a pumpkin patch and the twits at the local news station were all “Palin is one of us!” One of us? Yes, I’m sure she sits down every week and worries herself sick wondering how she’s going to pay the bills, feed her family and buy gas on her minimum wage income. I’m sure she loses sleep worrying whether or not her spouse, who has been unemployed for months will find a job. Or whether the job he currently holds will be sent overseas. I’m sure she frets that funding for programs that might help her special needs child won’t be cut to fund more of the war in Iraq. And I'm sure she cries over the fact that her family has little or no health care. Last year, she and her husband earned $166k in income in 2007, hardly the average yearly earnings for my area. Yeah, she’s really “one of us.” Sis-boom-bah..... humbug.

There was one genius outside the arena holding a sign that showed Obama’s picture and it said, “Hope….” then Palin’s & McCain’s pictures and the words “not Dopes.” LOL!

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