Monday, October 13, 2008

all rise for the Honorable Judge I. P. Freely

I cannot get over the size of the bathrooms on the floor of the hospital where my father is staying. Good freaking grief, my bedroom CLOSET is bigger than these things. Even the door is about 2/3's the size of an average door.

It's so small that if you're a woman, best leave your purse outside, and if you're fat, God love ya, you'll need to hold that pee till ya get home. You walk in about one foot and there's a toilet hitting the back of your knees and a sink hitting the front of your knees when you're squatting. Good girls don't sit. We squat and hover. And do a lot of praying. I didn't know about the purse rule and I was hugging it to my chest the whole time I was squatting. Lovely. Just lovely.


BRUNO said...

Just don't sneeze, for Gods' sake!!!

The mens' room at my M.D.'s is so big and nice, that I caught myself playin' basketball with hand towels and the trash can the other day!

An' I was makin' some pretty hairy hook-shots, too...!

*Goddess* said...

Oh, gawd, in this toilet, the garbage can was jammed under the sink...along with my kneecaps:)