Saturday, September 13, 2008

you got some 'splain' to do

"In what respect, Charlie?" Ouch. I hope McCain has better answers than this. She reminds me of a student who is required to write a 500 word essay and is filling it with meaningless crap just to get by. Seems comical to me that all the folks who were "rah rah'ing" her are suddenly silent about this interview.

If anyone watches this and thinks Palin's well prepared to step in as leader should anything happen to McCain, they have some serious thinking to do.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I throw up!

Anonymous said...

They could have nominated a 'fencepost' or a 'doorknob' and the stupid 'repub(gnant-ones)' would be just as wild about 'it' and vote for 'it'! Republicans must be mentally ill, or brain dead.