Thursday, September 04, 2008

ya gotta love it

For months now the Repubs have been ripping Obama and his family apart, making fun of his upbringing--he's not black, he's not white, he's a radical Muslin, he's not a natural born citizen and let's not forget the picture of the African grandma. Haha! How many African grandma forwards did I get?

NOW that McCain has chosen Abstinence Palin and her daughter is preggers, they've suddenly gotten a conscience. They're aghast that the Dems are even talking about it. They're horrified that she's in the media! If this was a Democrat telling them to teach their kids abstinence all the while having a kid that is pregnant, the Repubs would have a field day with it.

It's not about Bristol, they're saying. Ironically, it wasn't about Obama's grandma either.

Turn about is fair play.

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BBC said...

"Abstinence Palin"

The only thing I trust less than someone that doesn't drink some, is a christian that doesn't drink.