Sunday, September 21, 2008

time to whiskey up the corn flakes

I think a lot of QVC folks might be pissed when they see today’s paper. Last week or so they were selling the new Dell 9 inch notebook for $500+, down about a hundred from the $600+ asking price. In this morning’s paper, Dell is selling the notebook for $349. This 9” laptop makes me laugh, though. We have no idea what we want in this country. First the desktop with the smaller screen, then we keep getting bigger and bigger screens. NOW the mini computer with the mini screen and we’re going smaller and smaller. Ugh. Personally, I like the bigger screen, but if I was a traveler, the mini would be nice because you could put it right in your purse. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I heard the QVC dude say something about having to get an external hard drive for the mini's but I don't know what that's all about?

Speaking of laptops, I have to have mine repaired. I think the problem is the "stem" where you attach the adapter. I originally thought it was the adaptor itself, but I purchased a new one and it’s still not right. Plus, I’m not having the same symptoms as when the wire in my adapter broke. This just flashes from battery to AC, from battery to AC, so I’m going to have to put in a service call. I want to catch it before it goes completely, and I only have two more months on my in-home repair contract. Damn, I wish I could renew that. Love that in-home service. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is something they CAN do in-home. I’m also having them replace my keyboard (or keys) because since Mr. G has been using this, I have about six keys pushed in. Ugh. He pounds like there’s no tomorrow, and as many times as I’ve said, “DON’T POUND THOSE KEYS,” he continues to do it. I’m going to start saving and buy a desktop. He needs to have his OWN computer to violate. Besides the keyboard on a desktop is a bit more forgiving than the one on the laptop.

When I placed an order for Go Smile through HSN earlier this month, they included a full size lip balm from the same company. This stuff is FANTASTIC. It smells exactly like my favorite suntan oil--Hawaiian Tropic. (Not that I tan, so much as burst into flames…) It has cocoa butter and shea butter in it and none of that icky harsh peppermint like Burt’s Bees lip products.

I noticed a certain trend in commercials. Men are portrayed as blithering, whipped idiots and women are portrayed as desperate. Take that stupid cereal commercial with “Steve,” who innocently asks his wife if she’s watching her weight. Then she gets all pissy with him and finally says, “What else does the box say?” and he says, “The box says ‘shut up, Steve’.” Remember the disgusting commercials the beer company ran in which all the chicks fawned over that asshole Spuds McKenzie, the dog? Well, the GEICO caveman ad ain’t much better. It shows two hot(t) chicks preening for the two cavemen as they get off their motorcycles. Let’s not even TALK about how it is that cavemen can get driver’s licenses and loans to buy vehicles in this country, but hey, we’ll suspend (total) disbelief here. They see a GEICO caveman billboard near the chicks and are totally turned off by it and leave. As IF they’ll ever get a hot(t) piece of tail EVER, so they can afford to be so picky. You know what? I CAN’T suspend disbelief when it comes to those asshole caveman commercials. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. And I won’t buy GEICO insurance BECAUSE of them and their stupid talking gecko, treating people like idiots. I resent their notion that people in this country are so stupid that they must be talked down to, especially when they think our money is good enough.

I’ve seen some bad infomercials in my day, but the one from the Danbury Mint offering state quarters in sets is one of the worst. It shows a dad smashing his kid’s piggy banks because he’s so desperate for a Delaware quarter. Way to go, ass wipe. It’s one thing to steal money from your kid because you need something important, like cigarettes or booze--don’t judge me!!!--but it’s another to steal it simply because you ‘re a nerd with a coin collection to fill. My boss bought those stupid quarters and she’s like, “You can get the whole set for $19.99.” Oh yeah, $19.99 EACH. She found that out in a hurry. For $20 they send you two stupid quarters and a couple of crappy .02 and .03 stamps mounted on cardboard. Weeeeeeee! No wonder she’s broke. At least with alcohol you can forget your troubles. All those dumbass quarters will get ya is a couple snackes from the vending machine. You just know the minute she dies someone is going to pop all those quarters out of the book and spend them. Probably Overtime Hawg.

A dumb looking product is that Step ‘N Shine. It’s a pad with a plastic light on it and you put it by your bed, then step on it and it lights up. First of all the light is so doggone small that it’s hardly going to light much of anything. Secondly, the light is positioned between your feet, so the chances are fairly good that you’ll step out of bed and right onto the light itself. Unless you automatically step out of bed and position your feet about 10 inches apart, like they show in the informerical. Plus, once you start walking, you’re going to block out any light anyway.


Anonymous said...

Netbooks DO NOT come with a DVD drive so you won't be able to load software or watch movies when you travel. You can, however, get an external optical drive to load software like Office onto the sub-notebooks, but unless you go with a used drive in a new chassis, it will be expensive to buy new. Those are the drawbacks of these mini sub-note netbooks. Sellers have to inform customers upfront about this. We have heard of pissed customers who buy one thinking they can do everything on it when in fact it's nothing short of a surfing station, one like you'd use at a library or an Internet cafe. We tell people it's just like the Mac Air and they suddenly lose interest and run out the door. Oh, well.

If you're having issues with your laptop jack (on the back of the laptop itself), a new adapter won't help because that part is soldered onto the system board. If it's under warranty, call your manufacturer. If it's not, buy a new laptop. It will be cheaper than having it repaired. Trust me on this. Getting a quote from the manufacturer will prove my point. And then there's the time you will be without the machine while they do the repair. Just pull the hard drive and ram from your existing laptop and go shopping for a new one. You can put the old hard drive into a 2.5" external chassis and connect it to any other computer or laptop with the included USB connector cable.

And while you're already calling for service from the laptop jack, get them to send you a new keyboard (it shouldn't cost more than $40 for a replacement). It should ship with instructions to swap it out. It's very easy. Also, seriously consider getting him an external USB keyboard for $20 to hook up the laptop while you save for his desktop. :-)


*Goddess* said...

When they call to confirm my appt I'm going to make sure they have the right part. I told him the "stem" where you plug the adaptors and I could have sworn he called it some kind of port. (Not USB, I'd recognize that.) They are going to give me a new keyboard, too. And yep, it's under warranty for only two more months! Waaaa. Best insurance I ever bought though because they've repaired it at the house three times now;)

Yeah, I know the new adaptor won't help, but at the time, I wasn't sure if it was the adaptor that was going bad--broken wires--so I replaced that part first to be sure. Then I knew it was the jack itself.

Ooooh, so it's the external optical drive he was talking about. And yeah, it's rather deceptive because you think they're exactly like your full sized notebooks but on a smaller scale. Thanks for letting me know the diff. I was wondering how they were selling them for only $375. Now I see why.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"buy a desktop. He needs to have his OWN computer to violate."
Let him keep the laptop and you keep the desktop. For what you'd pay (or less) to get a laptop (w/included drives, USB ports, etc., you can buy a loaded up desktop that would make James Bond envious.:)

"won’t buy GEICO insurance "
Good decision. They don't pay their claims. A gal backed out of a mall parking place w/o looking, and hit my wife's car in the side. My wife was on the horn, so by the time she finally stopped, the damage was merely a broken side mirror, $250 estimate. We waited for 30 days, the other person didn't hear anything from Gieco nor did we, so we sued her in small claims and won. Last time we talked to her, HER lawsuit against Geico was still ongoing, and they had offered her no settlement of any kind. That was over two years ago.

*Goddess* said...

She turned in a $250 claim?! Good grief, what kind of deductible does she have? Mine is $500.

I love the portability of the laptop. I know what you're saying about the desktop, but I'm pretty much tied TO the desk;)