Monday, September 29, 2008

Things I Wish Would Go Away .....and STAY AWAY

1. The GEICO Cavemen
2. Bob the asshole Enzyte guy
3. The guy who writes copy for Bob the asshole Enzyte guy and jams 20 cutesy ways to say “penis” and “hard on” into one commercial
4. Commercials for feminine douche, because they never get it right. No matter how much vinegar and water you shoot into your cooch, you’re never going to end up smelling like a “Summer’s Day”.
5. American Idol, because most of the “winners” with record contracts were the losers.
6. The term “wardrobe malfunction.” Call it what it is: a deliberate ploy for attention.
7. The talking Gecko because adults paying for insurance shouldn’t be treated like children.
8. The word “dude”
9 Fist bumping and slap hugging between men
10. The term “smash mouth football.“ I don’t know why, but it drives. me. bonkers.
11. The term “staycation.” Don’t make it seem fun. It’s a broke ass stuck at home go nowhere week because prices are out of control.
12. TV stations that cover our screens with BIG logos for upcoming shows instead of allowing us to enjoy the show currently airing. Yes, MTV, I’m talking to YOU!
13. Stickers on fruit!!!!
14. Idiot weathermen (and women) who stand outside in the middle of hurricanes. We get that 110 mph winds are strong, without the stupid visuals.
15. TruTv reminding us that they used to be Court TV. It was bad enough when Court TV kept reminding us that they were going to be TruTV. A year later and they’re still telling us who they used to be. Let the madness END already.


BBC said...

I haven't even heard about a lot of that crap, but I don't watch all the crap you do.

If you want it to go away, don't watch it, it's that simple. :-)

*Goddess* said...

Hard to avoid commercials when they're in every show ya watch.

Anonymous said...

That's why we DVR everything all week long and ff thru the commercials.


BRUNO said...

OK, lessee---just a few of 'em. Since I don't have cable or dish, I'm pretty limited on the TV-thing!

Hows' about a Bob t-shirt, instead? Wonder why that promo didn't "fly"?

As for smelling like a "summers-day"? Only if you're fishin' off the banks of the dirty Mississippi!

And, GEICO? Just go back to the "roots" of the original company, or at least as I was told: Government Employees Insurance COmpany...DUH!!!

Oh, don't have a COW, DUDE! COWABUNGA, DUDE!!!

Would you believe it if I told you placing stickers on fruit is a quite-well paying full-time job, at least for the effort involved?

And finally, the "ten-screens-at-once" that Dish TV advertises. I have an in-law that has it for his sports "addiction". Please---JUST PICK YOUR DAMNED FAVORITE TEAM, AND WATCH ONE, ALREADY!!! He'll almost literally piss in his chair before he'd leave the screen---really!!!